Water Treatment for Industrial Water 


For industrial clients, water quality and water usage efficiency are two essential components of their water treatment process.  Surface and well-water is processed and used in beverage production plants, fine paper production, power generation systems and other industrial applications including wastewater recycling and reclaimed water discharge.

Cobetter provides a full range of industrial water treatment solutions that meet all requirements including the removal of emulsified oils and the recovery/reuse of cooling tower water.  We can solve complex filtration solutions through our know-how and expertise.


   High Temperature Water    

   Treatment Filters

   69APP  Series

   LHSPF  Series

   LSPF     Series


   Condensate Water Filters              

   H2D Series


  • H2D Filter Cartridges Cobetter H2D Filter Cartridges are composed of high-density pleated membrane, which ensures a larger filtration area when compared to other high-density polypropylene filters. Graded pore size distribution from coarse (upstream) to flne (downstream) provides higher dirt holding capacity and longer service life.
  • LSPF Heat-Resistant Liquid Filter ​LSPF Filter Cartridge is composed of a hydrophobic PTFE membrane, PPS drain, reinforced PP adaptors and core.LSPF Filter Cartridges have the same performance of corrosion-resistance filters when compared to other PTFE filters. LSPF has better thermal performance and has a service life of 3 months under 90 ℃ temperature working conditions.
  • 69APP Heat-Resistant Liquid Filter ​69APP Filter Cartridge is an enhanced version of our APP Filter Cartridge composed of reinforced Polypropylene adaptors and core. It has the same efficiency as APP and provides high temperature and pressure resistance as it’s able to work under 90◦C consistently for 1 month.
  • PTFE High Temperature Ultra-pure Water Filter LHSPF Filter Cartridge is composed of a PTFE hydrophilic membrane, POM core, and PPS support. It is specifically designed for high temperature ultra-pure water applications to remove particulates and sterilize due to its excellent heat-resistance performance and service life of 3 months under 90◦C conditions.