Automobile Components Cleanliness Detection

Cleanliness testing for automobile, aerospace, hydraulics and a variety of other industries is becoming more and more important.

The aim of car cleanness detection is to decrease hazard of particle abrasion, enhance product’s lifetime and reliability. Cleanness detection can be a purchase standard for purchasing from suppliers, also can be used in the quality control of enterprise interior product process. The detection method includes weight method and particle counting method . In both of the two methods , the monitoring membrane is the most critical one .

Cobetter offers two type of car cleanliness detection membrane,Nylon mesh filter and nylon membrane filter. The former is suitable for high oil working condition while the latter is suitable for low oil working condition.

Advantages and characters

  • Good chemical compatibility with general cleaners, such as : aviation kerosene, gasoline, alkane solvent etc.
  • Membrane is in constant weight, keep flat with no curly after filtration and drying.
  • Plenty of material and pore size , satisfing different clients’ requirements

Ordering information

Nylon Mesh Filter

Diameter Part No.Pore SizePackage (pcs/pk)









5 μm

8 μm

10 μm

15 μm

20 μm

40 μm

100 μm

300 μm

25 pcs/pk

50 pcs/pk

100 pcs/pk

NY6 Membrane Filter

Diameter Part No.Pore SizePackage (pcs/pk)
47mm / 55mm



5 μm

5 μm

25 pcs/pk

50 pcs/pk

100 pcs/pk

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