Cobetter offers high performance and cost-effective solutions for the purification of food ingredients including flavoring, sugar alcohol, and
taurine. By using our filtration solutions, manufacturers can achieve their goals and protect their brands.  Whether providing filtration products
for existing applications or new challenging applications, food manufacturers can rely on Cobetter’s expertise and experience for a smooth
transition and collaboration.

Pre-Ro FiltrationSterile Water Filtration

Sterile Gas Filtration

High Flow Filter

HF150 Series

  Low Diffusion Flow

    PES Filter

   SPSHSM Series


   Sterile Gas Filtration System  SAFS Series

   Gas Pre-Filtration                GGFP Series

   Gas Sterile Filtration             GPFL Series

                                          HSGPFL-P Series

   Steam Filtration               PSSF Series & PSSC Series



  HPP Series

   Longer Life Time 

   Asymmetric PES Filter

   APS Series

 High Retention

 Depth Filter

 RMF Series

Highest Level of Retention
  Efficiency Double-Layer PES 


 DPS Series