Membrana de PTFE para monitoreo de aire PM2.5


Cobetter PM2.5 PTFE membrane filter is especially designed for PM2.5 air sampling.

It is made by high purity PTFE film, structured a thin flat filter with pp support ring, for better handling.

Low element background, very good chemical compatibility makes the ring supported PTFE filter very widely used in ambient air monitoring.

Cobetter PP ring supported PTFE filters are produced in ISO7 clean room. Membrane printed with sequential numbers for easy recording and tracing.


· Conforms to EPA PM2.5 reference method under the requirements for 40 CFR part 50 Appendix L

· Manufactured under clean room

· No glues or adhesives

· Used for PM2.5 ambient air monitoring

· Sequentally numbered for easy traceability

Typical Membrane Performance

 Part NumberDiameterSpecification
 PM2.5PF-46.246.2mmFilter MaterialTeflon50 pcs



Pore Size2μm

Support Ring mediaPP/PFA


Retention Rate>99.995%

Pressure Drop(0.3μm)@16.671/min<30mm H2O


Temperature until weight stable<20μg

Weight dropped to stability<20μg

Max. Hygroscopic<10μg

Ordering Information

 Part NumberSizeCore DiameterPackage
 PMPF402040mm * 20mm50.8mm/40mm1 Roll
 PMPF352035mm * 20mm50.8mm/40mm1 Roll
 PMPF303030mm * 20mm50.8mm/40mm1 Roll

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