Cobetter Automobile Exhaust Detection Filter Membrane

Cobetter automobile exhaust detection filter membrane is high temperature resistance, high flux, unfavorable wetting,which is an ideal filter membrane for automobile exhaust sampling. It also has characteristics such as low blank value, stable properties, which ensures the accuracy and precision of subsequent analysis results.


  • Various sizes,satisfy different test requirements
  • Satisfy requirements of  automobile exhaust’s velocity ,air resistance ,pressure drop test in different conditions.
  • Efficient capture ability of sub-micron particles

 EMTLAB-47Automobile exhaust monitoring membrane,  φ47mm100pcs/pkg
 EMTLAB-70Automobile exhaust monitoring membrane,φ70mm100pcs/pkg
 EMTLAB-90Automobile exhaust monitoring membrane,φ90mm100pcs/pkg
 EMTLAB-110Automobile exhaust monitoring membrane,φ110mm100pcs/pkg
 EMTLAB-142Automobile exhaust monitoring membrane,φ142mm100pcs/pkg