• F016/F004/118 Capsule Filter Series F016/F004 Capsule Filters use a specific shell/cage that is easy to install, use, and replace. It is available in a wide range of filtration media and removal ratings for use according to a customer's requirements and specifications. UPE filtration media does not require pre-wetting thus reducing operation time. It also provides high low rates and low pressure loss. In addition the cage/support use HDPE media which provides good chemical compatibility and low extractable.
  • Photoresist Coating Capsule Filters PRNC Capsule Filters utilize use different filter membrane depending on filtration requirements and specifications. UPE and Nylon membranes have tight structure which results in a high precision filtration. HDPE capsules are used for controlling extractables. The capsule design meets small volume requirements and reduces the amount of liquid wasted.
  • Mini Capsule Photoresist Final Filters PRND Mini Capsule Filters are specially designed for use in small volume photoresist filtration. The compact design can reduce the loss of liquid during filtration.