• High Flow Filter Cartridges Cobetter HFPP150 High Flow Filter Cartridge is a large diameter, single open-ended pleated cartridge filter with PP core and polyester net cover. It has a diameter of 6”/150mm with a 8m filtration area which results in a high flow rate up to 60m /hr. Flow direction is from inside to outside which ensures that all contamination is held within the filter.
  • Ultra-High Flow Rate FPD Wet Process Filtration Ø130 Filter Cartridges are mainly used in high flow rate conditions in the manufacturing process of LCD panels. The design fully meets the space requirements of equipment. Ø130 filter cartridges are able to meet flow rates of 200L/min. In addition, the 2m² filtration area ensures high flows rates and dirt holding capacity which results in a decrease of filter replacements and downtime. Multiple filter media and a wide range of removal ratings are available.
  • High Flow Rate FPD Wet Process Filtration Ø83 Filter Cartridges are designed to meet the flow rates of 100L/min at standard conditions.